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July 2012



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Jul. 24th, 2012

Simple bird

To think...

...It started so long ago...and now look at how it's turned out.

Dec. 3rd, 2011

Simple bird

NEW Website!

Just to let you know-I have a new website now (Still working on adding things to it and setting it up of course)
Come visit me here:

I am trying to have just one main place on the internet where you can easily find me.
Thank you for taking the time to visit!

j a n e

Jun. 4th, 2009

Simple bird

Because you asked for it...


May. 12th, 2009

Simple bird

FINALLY- Supplies!!!

Finally- I have supplies for you HUNGRY ARTISTS!

Bezel Wire:
And Plexiglass Disks for little tiny windows:


Apr. 23rd, 2009

Simple bird


I posted this on ETSY shop tonight because I felt it was time...

Every once in a while, there will come a piece of jewelry which makes a difference in something that I am doing or effects the way I am feeling.

This little bunny speaks VOLUMES to one of these "times".

I love this piece more than words and yet... I feel as if I need to let go of it. I never intended on keeping it when I was making it. I was simply making a little home for a silly plastic toy I found at a flea market. But it became much more to me when he was sitting pretty in the safety of his new home. Poor little thing, sun-bleached and over looked.

I look at him each day and think to myself- "Why have I not posted this yet?" and I move onto to other things. I see him each morning as I sit down to work (as I have him hanging on my light at my workbench and can not help but see him as I turn on the light) He is also the last thing I see before I head back in to the house after a long day of work. This is how he got his name- "Namaste". Fitting no? Ahhh the power of words...

And so tonight is the night. After a typical and very long day in the studio, with my hands aching from too much filing and sanding, I shut off my light and looked at him and thought that today just might be the day.

I came in, ate a quick dinner and went to take a nap to recharge my batteries and when I woke I thought... Now.

Here is the description from my Shop ( If it is meant to be... then it is time.

This dear sweet little bunny's name is "Namaste"-meaning:"I bow to that (divinity) inherent in you."

I found this little charming toy at a flea market in Pennsylvania. All which was left of him was a light dusting of pink in his ears. All of this paint had come clean over the years. I took him home along with 7 of his brothers and cleaned him up and repainted him. I thought it was only fitting that I give his a very honorable home in this tiny hand-made shrine.

This little box is made from brass, has a clear plexi-glass front, and salvaged jewelry parts. One might even call it very "Eco-Friendly" or "Green" as it is 90% recycled "stuff".

The necklace measures approx- 20 inches around and is held tightly in place by strong lobster clasp.

*I made this little reliquary for someone very special. Although I do not know your name yet- this necklace will be the bridge from me to you. I hold this piece so very near and dear to my hear. I know you will give it a lovely home.


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Apr. 2nd, 2009

On Being Fearless...

Maybe it is something in the air lately?
Maybe it is something inside of me...

But I decided to take lessons on how to paint like the Dutch Masters- yes! Paint...
Something I have wanted to do for SO LONG and never had the time, money, courage.
Well I am still not sure if I have the money and the courage- but now is the time!

Tell me- have you felt like your life has been on "auto-pilot"?
Goodness... do something about it!

You are not getting younger, time is not going to wait, there is never a better time than the present...

Well- those are the voices that have been swelling in my mind lately.

This time I am paying attention.
I call it SPRING!

So I am going to call my instructor tomorrow and find out the specifics.
I am excited to learn how to grind my own pigments! Mmm-pigments!

In the meantime- I finished my little odd awkward painting today- FINALLY!
and I even got back to work on this one:
"Infant of Cats"- with a cat on his head and a ball of yarn in his hands...
It is good to be so challenged in life...

So maybe this is the message from the Universe workings it way through me to you...
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

Mar. 27th, 2009

Simple bird

Thursday, March 26th- Self-inflicted pain of sorts...

What is it like to knowingly put your body through such pain?

Well from what I know of the pain I felt today, I will share with you, some thoughts about the process that I sat through for three hours, with you.

I think you just ignore, forget, fool yourself into believing that pain is not such a terrible thing when it comes to wanting a pay off of a tattoo.

In my mind I know fully well that it is going to hurt like hell. But I ignore it because I want this pretty picture on my body and I figure it is worth a few hours of pain... right? Haaa... sure. I always forget. My body just seems to cut off that huge part of this process. For the average person who does not like needles or takes pain well, this would be a cold slap in the face- saying, "NO WAY!" Well... they might be the smart ones. It makes sense to resist such things. I know well enough not to touch a hot stove as well as the rest of the world -well mostly. But yet in this case, I still set out a block of time for the afternoon, get showered, dressed in clothes which I know will allow him access to my skin without having to completely get undressed (much to his disappointment- maybe? I would think that might be a perk of such a career?). I watch the clock and drive downtown through the rain and traffic, hoping to find a parking place- only to get there and sit for almost three hours of self imposed pain. Humm... do the math? Making art in a warm dry studio, drinking coffee, listening to something on the television while the cats sleep... or having vibrating needles dig ink into your soft sensitive skin?
Ahhh yes.
This does not add up.

Let me tell you a little of what it truly was like for me.

At first, I was sitting up right in a chair. Straddling it backwards as he began to work. His arms leaning on my bare back. My hands were crossed in front of me at first. The needles began and I was shocked into complete and total awareness that I was receiving pain. All of my senses were on fire. Everything becomes very clear. I can hear sounds differently. I feel like I can see colors more brightly and everything is crisp. I notice things that I never noticed before because my mind is looking for an escape from the pain. I see my water bottle on the floor where I placed it and notice how much water I have drank today. I see his business cards lined up neatly in a little holder waiting for the perfect stranger to receive one. The music changes from hardcore punkrock of my youthful days to something like a ballad by Eartha Kitt or someone sounding very sultry. I lock onto it trying to focus as best as I can- all which running from the pain. I find my fingers are beginning to dig into the back of the chair. I notice the metal I am gripping onto. It is cool to the touch. My body starts to sink deeper down. My posture fades and I am pushing harder against the back of the foam padding.

I carry on a carefree in my conversation- talking about picking crayon colors for the Crayola Crayon Company, and how it would be a perfect job for me. I say I can create the most unusual color names in the word and spit out the color name: "Metabolism Gray". He happily plays along with my strange games and says, "Chopstick Beige", stating that "if beige were not enough of a description, that using the word "chopstick" would make it a most perfect shade ever". We come up with several more including Squirrel belly pink before I notice that my knuckles are beginning to loose color and feeling. I have been gripping too hard and I need to stop.

I find a moment when he is pausing to change something on his magic tray of supplies and I turn to him and say, "Darlin, I need to do this laying down". Ahh such a sweet patient kind boy, he quickly stops and goes for his massage table and sets it up. This is such a well-needed break from this pain. But the voice in my head is telling me that this is not going to be easy. I return the thought of, "TOO LATE NOW- you can't turn back because it is not finished and you would look foolish- let alone be too embarrassed to explain that the pain is too much..." It is that easy. Fear of embarrassment is all that it takes to make me lay down on that table.

I mange to find a position where I can get comfortable and he starts back to work on me. THERE IT IS AGAIN! Goodness that pain is sharp and focused. I switch up my legs a million times, I squish my face into the soft vinyl table and I shut my eyes as tightly as I can. I continue to listen to the music and hope for something that I can follow along too. Needles change rhythm, he wipes away the blood and ink each time he makes another pass- Wipe, wipe, drill, drill, wipe again I flinch. It is torture. Who would think that something like soft paper towels could feel like fire?

Another pause after about a half-hour and I jump at the chance to run to the bathroom. I think that the pain of this whole process makes the body loose control and having to go. It becomes something that cannot be stopped I fear. I run into the bathroom and shut the door. I can feel the ice-cold breeze on my back and it is divine. Such sweet relief. It is just the break I need for my brain to be fooled into thinking that -again- this pain is not so bad. Ahh bargaining again inside with the voices! Ha!

I return to the table this time for the last hour or so. The music has changed, people come in and out of the shop. I pay attention to voices and play games with myself at who is saying what. Towards the end, after my conversations have turn to pure nonsense and I am loosing my vocabulary, I notice that I have begun to grab hold of the underside of the massage table. Gripping it like I was holding onto to the side of a building thirty stories up. I was sore; my neck completely stiff and time was running out.

I then felt it- I cold wet slush of liquid across my back. Did I hear the sound of a sizzle? No, that was all in my mind. Ah but it was over. He told me to take a look and see. I laughed to myself thinking I truly did not care what I would see and that it was perfect no matter what. All I want to do is pay and run as fast as I can away from this place- right now!

He handed me the mirror and I looked. It was lovely. Subtle colors just like the photograph of the actual bug. I turned to him and smiled and said that I loved it. I gushed. I meant it. I thanked him. He is such a dear friend of mine. Could pull double duty as my therapist with all the talking we do to pass the time. It is always a brilliant turn out when we get together... and the pain was slowly fading into a tolerable dull hum.

He bandaged me up with something like a giant diaper and taped me in pretty good. I could not easily move my arm or get dressed so he helped me to get my arm through my blouse. I put on my scarf and coat and returned to the girl who walked in about three hours earlier. Happy again, forgetful, silly, as witty as I can manage, and always humble...

Before I left, I snared another photo with him. He is so patient with me and plays along nicely. I know he enjoys my odd playful nature.

You know... for liking him as much as I do, returning to him again and again- I think it is so incredibly strange that I pay him to; essentially, hurt me!!! Hummm this is such a strange concept. But it works and I am sure I will go back and sit through the pain again. It is really all worth forgetting in the end. Thank you body... now lets get some sleep!

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Feb. 12th, 2009

Simple bird


Yes- I am giving a piece of of my jewelry- away!
Go Peek!

Pass it on...


Feb. 10th, 2009

Simple bird

Cicada Tattoo!

Today was the day for this new addition~

Baltimore Tattoo Museum- Bill Stevenson
This was at the half-way mark today-
The line work and the shading was finished and the color will be done in a few weeks.

All and all- I am in love with it.

Such an awkward and charming bug.
More photos later...


Jan. 13th, 2009

Simple bird

Finished and moving on...

Here are a few images from my workbench over the past week-

And then this piece: MARY LOU ZEEK GALLERY- "100 Artists Show" submission



It feels really good to have these two pieces behind me.
Now I can move onto...
What is up next?
I am trying to figure it out. I have things I need to do -mixed- with things I want to do. My house in in serious need to some attention. The main room needs new paint and I need to put up art work. I hate feeling unsettled and having things so unfinished. I think I may take a day and just do it! I also have to finish things like attending to all of my clothes which seem to just pile up...
Anyway- you get the picture- when my home is in disrepair I feel like I just can't concentrate.

Oh? Art-wise? Well I bought a LARGE drawing pad and I am going to go out to the studio tomorrow morning and straighten and clean and claim an area for drawing larger and painting. THAT is exciting to me! Haa...

Then it is all back to work with prepping for teaching, working on the business, posting images of new jewelry for ETSY, and Making Demos.

Not to mention break ground on the new book.

All of which will happen- by the end of this week- as I optimistically predict! I know- not holding breath! That is a LOT!

Ok- now I am off to bed...
More tomorrow~


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